Préparation de ma soutenance d’HDR : version 1 du texte d’introduction.

À lire ici. Le texte d’introduction tel que lu à ma soutenance est bien différent de ce “premier jet”.

J’en profite pour rapporter une citation (extraite d’une conférence d’Anne Tardos sur son écriture poétique plurilingue, qu’on trouvera ici) :

Time spent carefully creating the atmosphere in which a work of art must move is never wasted. As I see it, one must never be in a hurry to write things down. One must allow the complex play of ideas free rein: how it works is a mystery and we too often interfere with it by being impatient—which comes from being too materialistic, even cowardly, although we don’t like to admit it.

You put such strong pressure on your ideas that they no longer dare present themselves to you, they’re so afraid of not being dressed in a way you’d approve of. You don’t let yourself go enough in particular you don’t seem to allow enough play to that mysterious force which guides us towards the true expression of a feeling, whereas dedicated, single-minded searching only weakens it.

Debussy Letters, selected and edited by François Lesure and Roger Nichols. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1987, p. 122 (in a letter to Raoul Bardac, 1901)

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Marie-Laure Schultze (2016, 21 septembre). Préparation de ma soutenance d’HDR : version 1 du texte d’introduction. L'auto-entretien infini. Consulté le 24 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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